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  • Do you want to make real money as an author?​

  • Have you written a book and want to sell it by the thousands?

  • Have you never written a book but want to?

  • Do you have a driving passion to own your time?

  • ​Do you want to learn from someone who’s ACTUALLY done what you want to do?

  • Have you always imagined being a TOP selling author?

If you've answered Yes! to EVEN ONE of these questions, please keep reading, because you are EXACTLY who needs to see this message.

Books that 'fail' do so not because of bad writing, but a lack of marketing and selling strategies. Most authors fall short of their sales goals because they have no system or mentor to guide them. 


I’m going to be brutally honest here. It really isn’t hard to find a writing coach. Finding a self-styled mentor is easy. There are plenty of people out there who will take your money to teach you to write a book. 


I want to teach you how to effectively market and sell it.


You see, the problem is in today’s publishing market, writing even a brilliant book isn’t enough. The truth is that you don’t even need to be the best writer to become a top seller and make a viable income from your writing. What you do need, though, is a proven system to sell that book.


As a 30-year veteran of the publishing industry who has not only successfully marketed and made millions from his own bestsellers, but has also mentored countless others to do the same, that is something I am uniquely equipped to give you.


Look, I know it can be hard to trust. You may have invested money in other mentors or programs only to find they didn't deliver on what they promised. Here is why Write, Print, Sell! is different. It offers you the components every author needs to become a bestseller.


In fact, no matter what topic drives your passion—health, relationships, leadership, finance, or just about any other nonfiction topic—there are 3 specific things you need to be a top selling author.

  • A Plan: A clear roadmap with tested, specific steps to take you from where you are to where you want to be.

  • Dedication: Otherwise known as discipline, this is the mindset piece that takes your plan and puts it into action.

  • A Trusted Mentor: Notice it says trusted. Top selling authors know that the fastest way to get results is to model someone who’s actually done what they want to do.

With those 3 factors you can GREATLY INCREASE YOUR ODDS of becoming a top selling author, and it’s those 3 factors (and so much more) that I’ve included in the Write, Print, SELL! program NOW available!

I’ve spent over 30 years fine-tuning an unbeatable plan, mastering the precise actions you must take, and learning from the best in the industry, and NOW, for the first time ever, it’s all available in the Write, Print, SELL! Course for YOU!


The Author’s Authority:
Matthew Bennett

My name is Matthew Bennett, and I’m obsessed with helping people become successful authors. I’ve sold over 5 MILLION copies of my books, many with no previous experience in their specified industries, and I have spent the last 3 decades in the publishing industry learning EXACTLY what it takes to make a book sell in huge numbers. I’ve done it dozens of times with my own books and coached thousands of other authors to sell millions more! In fact, I’m commonly referred to as the ‘Simon Cowell of Self-Publishing.’ 
Because I’m not interested in sugar-coated responses, and flowery, vague encouragement. That’s exactly why the hit Bravo TV show, Millionaire Matchmaker, asked me to regularly appear as an advisor on the show. I’m the kind of person who says it straight and tells you the truth.

I was also interviewed on The Doctors and shared my 6 tips to keep in mind when writing your book.
If you’re tired of fluff and want REAL results, then I think you'll appreciate my no-BS, been-there-done-that approach. 

And, my REAL results speak for themselves. I’ve sold over 5,000,000 copies of my own books, on a variety of subjects, and I’ve helped thousands of authors sell millions more!  Now I’m teaching YOU my proven method for writing, printing, and, most importantly, SELLING your books, in my debut course called Write, Print, SELL! If you think that my time-tested track record of helping myself and others sell MILLIONS of books could help you sell just 37 more copies of your book, then you can’t afford to miss this! (We’ll explain why we say this later!)
One of the best things about my method is you don't have to be an expert.
You don’t have to be an expert at book writing, and you don’t have to be an expert in the field you’re writing about.
Want me to prove it to you?
When I was single, with no children, and no medical training of any kind, I wrote The Maternal Journal…a pregnancy guide that sold over 3 million copies! 
Using the exact strategies that I teach you directly in the Write, Print, SELL! Course!


As noted above, top selling authors know they need 3 things to succeed: a plan, dedication, and a trusted mentor. Here’s how the Write, Print, SELL! Course delivers all 3:
A Plan: The Write, Print, SELL! Course walks you step-by-step through the process of getting a book to market, and implementing unique marketing strategies that will skyrocket you to the top in sales. To build and support your plan this course contains:
  • 3 comprehensive modules

  • 39 videos totaling 7 hours of direct teaching

  • 3 digital companion workbooks with over 100 pages total

  • Over 20 exercises to apply the plan to YOUR specific industry and audience.

Dedication: While proven step-by-step systems are crucial to your success, no one succeeds alone. That’s why this program offers an ongoing, built in support team and community who are there to help. Whatever the challenge, we are here for you. The Write, Print, SELL! Course can’t take the action for you, but it CAN set you up for success by including support systems proven to increase follow through and accountability:
  • Teachings for specific blocks/challenges

A Trusted Mentor: There are many who attempt to help authors navigate the industry, but very few who have actually, on a consistent basis for themselves AND others, produced results. I have, and I’m including my knowledge.
If you believe that I can help you sell just 37 MORE books than you would have without my knowledge and experience, then you HAVE to join this program today and get started. (You’ll find the explanation for this claim below!) I can’t wait to support you!


Wherever you are in your journey, be it just starting out, or publishing your 10th book, I can help you sell WAY more copies of your books, with LESS effort than you think.
This exact program has taken me decades to create and cost me tens of thousands of dollars of education and trial and error along the way. I don’t want it to take you that long OR cost you that much. That's why I’m selling this program at a price of JUST $747!
This course contains hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of PROVEN strategies. AND, HERE’S THE EXPLANATION YOU’VE BEEN WAITING FOR: If you have a $20 book and my program can help you sell just 37 more copies, this program will pay for itself (37 books x $20 = $740). I’m even willing to wager that many of the Founding Students will sell 37 more cases, or even 37 more TRUCKLOADS because of what they learn in this course! 
PLUS, I’m including (for FREE!) these never before released resources and one-of-a-kind opportunities:
  • $197 BONUS 2 Additional Modules to help you stay consistent and meet your goals!

  • $1,197 BONUS Access to 12 months of thinking partner sessions 

  • $887 BONUS The Author’s Million Dollar Roadmap 

  • $997 BONUS - LIFETIME access to ALL materials!

  • $2000 The Write, Print, SELL! Program

This program can--and WILL--easily sell for $2000 or more even without the bonuses, but I want you to get started and I know that I can help more people if I bring forward this KILLER limited time offer.
That’s $5,278 of value for JUST $747!!
After completing this comprehensive, trajectory-changing program, you won’t just feel prepared and inspired to achieve your publishing goals, you’ll ACTUALLY be prepared and equipped to do so.
Remember: If what you learn in this program helps you sell just 37 more copies of your book, then it pays for itself! You can’t afford to miss this!
If you do what everyone else does, you’ll get the same results everyone else gets. That’s why I started doing things differently, and that’s how I’ve sold MILLIONS of my own books, and replicated those results over and over again, for myself and others. Write, Print, SELL! teaches precisely what it takes not only to write an outstanding book but, most importantly, how you can do it without being a famous expert!
I look forward to being your guide on this journey and can’t wait to support your success! Have questions? Email:
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