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Discover the essential strategies holding you back from getting there.

Whether you’re an aspiring author who doesn’t know where to begin, a seasoned writer who has written a book that’s not selling like you’d hoped, or anywhere in between, let me share what my 30+ years as an author consultant has proven to be THE MOST OVERLOOKED TRUTH IN THE PUBLISHING INDUSTRY: 


Your book's success doesn’t depend on how you write OR your level of expertise. 


More often than not, books that fail to get noticed do so because of the inefficiencies of their marketing and selling strategies.


If this sounds like something you’re experiencing, don’t worry!


Wherever you are in your book writing process, I want to use the essential techniques I’ve learned writing and selling over 5,000,000 books to help move you from where you ARE to where you want to BE.


Take the 15-question quiz below to assess your current strengths and areas for improvement, completely FREE!

Think of this moment as the big “you are here” dot on the map of your publishing journey. 📍


Once you have a realistic understanding of where you are, (and what you need to do to achieve your next milestone), you can successfully draw a map to take you where you want to go.


All you have to do is answer 15 short questions and let my team and I handle the rest.


When you’re done with the quiz, we’ll send you a FREE evaluation of your skill level as:

A Writer
A Marketer 
An Entrepreneur

(& other essential components to your author’s journey you probably aren’t thinking about, but that’s okay because you’ve got us and we’ve got your back!) 


You’ll be scored based on how your skills stack up against the top-sellers in the market, so you can have clarity on what your next best step to lucrative success is. 


The best part? Once you know your strengths and weaknesses, you’ll know where you need to GET TO WORK!


Sound good to you? Great!

Not ready to take the quiz, but want some advice? Check out my feature on The Doctors for six tips to keep in mind when writing your book!
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