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The truth is, in order to hit the big time as an author and sell a ton of books, one must almost always possess a healthy balance of skills and experience. While it is definitely not necessary to rank off the charts in all categories, a single glaring deficit in any one area can become a major deterrent to fulfilling your potential. It is essential to take a realistic look at your overall profile as an author to shore up any weaknesses and/or build the right team to help you along the way.

The 15 question, self-evaluation quiz you’ll find below serves as a stepping stone to help you determine where you stand and illuminate areas that you may wish to consider exploring with the Author’s Authority. With this in mind, please be as objective as possible while selecting the answers that best represent your reality in the following areas relating to being an author, entrepreneur and businessperson.  


*Pro tip: Unsure of how objective you’re actually being, and want to ensure you receive an accurate score at the end of the quiz? Rate yourself as you believe people you’ve previously worked with would see your answers!

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